Denver’s Top Halloween Events for 2023: A Spooky Roundup

Halloween in Denver is more than just trick-or-treating; it’s an entire season filled with unique events, creepy gatherings, and festive celebrations. This year, the city is boasting an impressive lineup of events that cater to both the traditional Halloween lover and those seeking something a bit different. Here’s a look at some of the top Halloween happenings in Denver for 2023:

1. Paranormal Palace: Denver’s premier Halloween extravaganza, the Paranormal Palace stands out with its unique themes and thrilling entertainment. This year promises to be bigger and better with the entire hotel takeover experience. Picture wandering through elaborately decorated corridors and partying the night away in a grand ballroom – the atmosphere is electric and unmistakably Halloween! And of course, with it being a palace, expect some “royal” surprises throughout the night[1].

2. 4th Annual Halloween Parade & Trick or Treat Street: A cherished event for families and Halloween aficionados alike, this annual parade in Denver combines the traditional elements of Halloween with community spirit. Participants can look forward to streets lined with eager trick-or-treaters, vibrant floats, and an air of festivity that is infectious.

3. Denver Oddities & Curiosities Expo 2023: For those who prefer their Halloween a bit more on the eerie side, this expo is a must-visit. Offering a showcase of the bizarre, strange, and utterly fascinating, attendees can explore a range of curious items that promise to both intrigue and spook[2].

4. Wild Fall at Denver Zoo – “Falloween”: Halloween at the Denver Zoo is a unique experience. Known as “Falloween”, the zoo transforms into a Halloween haven with costumed characters, intricately carved pumpkins, and a variety of autumn-themed food items. It’s a family-friendly event that combines the magic of Halloween with the wonders of the animal kingdom[4].

5. Glow at the Gardens: From October 17-22, the Denver Botanic Gardens will be illuminated in a way that captures the essence of Halloween. Picture wandering through gardens lit up with mesmerizing lights, where every corner holds a new surprise. It’s a magical setting that promises an unforgettable evening[5].

In conclusion, Denver’s Halloween festivities for 2023 are shaping up to be truly spectacular. Whether you’re into traditional Halloween fun or seeking something a bit different, Denver has got you covered!


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